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Things may seem unclear when you receive a violation from the Department of Building.  It can  be headache or sometimes a nightmare to a home owner. After receiving a violation, it is best to deal with violations head-on and resolve the issue that is observed or mentioned on the ticket so that you can get back to your life and focus on important things like your family or growing business.

We aim to eliminate the division of tasks associated with the violation-removal-process (VRP) for our clients. Let the team at Borough Construction do the heavy lifting for you. we can consult you through the required steps in order to remedy the violation.

We make appearances to ECB and the Department of building on your behalf in addition to other city agencies such as HPD, FDNY, DEP as needed.  More importantly, we can help you procure the professional services required to perform any construction services needed and render completion documentation.  We don't just make an appearance for you, we see it through and remove the violation for you.



Violation Removal for:

  • DOB  Department of Building
  • Plumbing Violations
  • Electrical Violations
  • Construction Violations
  • Local Law Code
  • ADA   American Disability Act
  • HPD   Department of Housing & Preservation
  • DEP   Department of Environment Protection
  • ECB   Environment Control Board
  • DOT   Department of Transportation


To see how we can help resolve your issue and provide a solution, contact us.