There is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing the excited expressions on our client’s faces after we have completed a project for them. We take pride in our craftsmanship. We find the most practical methods to execute a construction project using good workmen manner and have an emphasis on safety.

We offer a wide range of remodeling and improvement services.

Whether you want a simple remodel or a high-end finish, we are here to implement your ideas. We work to suit your needs, wants and budget while providing you a peace of mind that your construction project is handled with utmost care. That is the Borough Advantage.

We implement sophisticated design and technology to give you a beautiful and functional new living space.

Residential & Commercial Remodeling

  • Home Remodeling
  • Condo and Co-op Remodeling
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Restoration
  • Commercial Conversion
  • Property Alternation and Extension


Our Mastery Residential & Commercial Improvement services include

  • Renovations
  • Basement Finishing
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Installations
  • Windows & Doors
  • Partition Walls & Ceilings


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