When it comes to construction, it is in everyone's best  interest to complete the project in the most cooperative and expedient manner.  With each client having a different requirement for finish and quality,  we at Borough Construction, firstly strive to learn what your expectations are.

In some situations, we may have to get an approval to do the work. As an example; for condominium and co-op buildings in New York City, before any work is performed, a unit owner has to get scope of work approved by management and sometimes the board of directors.

In addition to getting approval from board, Condo and Co-op boards require that contractors furnish general liability and workmen compensation policy; only professionals with licenses from the Dept. of Building are permitted to perform work in such trades as building construction, plumbing or electrical.

Through client engagement, we bring about transparency and cooperation. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we stay engaged with you to delivery the project you have envisioned and budgeted for.